Castel din Nisip Andrey Djackonda
  • Release Date 04 Oct 2016
  • Catalogue TUPIAR013
Andrey Djackonda - In Umbra Nucului
Andrey Djackonda - Si Inca Ceva
Andrey Djackonda - Castel din Nisip
Andrey Djackonda - Castel din Nisip (Trik Remix)
  • paco osuna Mindshake / Plus 8 Records
    Will try thanks ;)
  • Anatolkin Tupiar Records
    Great Music, will try them all !!! thanks :)
  • Alan Castro Arupa Music / Tupiar
    Crazy and beautifull, love it !!
  • Danny Tenaglia Twisted
  • marco carola Music On
    downloading for marco carola, thanks
  • Raresh [a:rpia:r]
    trik remix for me. thanks
  • gorbani ELARUM / MIND&VISION
    Andrey Djackonda is on Fire! Great Release! Full support
  • Negru Dilated Records / Rekids / Cecille
    Trick rmx for me.thanks
  • Petar Cvetkovic brosh
    thank you
  • Albert Hipman Hashplant Records
    Great Ep. Thank u!
    nice release! remix for me, many thanks!
  • florian meffert 2PR / TRUELOVESOUNDS
    cool release, trik remix for me
  • Miss I MisBits
  • Alex Rusu Moonfire Music Lab
    trik remix for me !!!
  • Idri Tupiar Records
    nice release, great remix from Trik! thanks!
  • Vygo
    Trik remix! thanks
  • DeconBocon Sakadat RECORDS
    good EP! thanks:)
  • Matteo Gatti Deeperfect -Alchemy -Wavetech Limited
    good e.p thanx
  • Oreste DPV
    mersi!! super!!!!
  • Daniel Broesecke Vivus Records
    Thanks for the music, great remix from Trik !
  • Markus Homm Highgrade
    Great EP thanks for the music
  • Somesan ABC Ltd / Generatia '90
    Trik remix is awesome! Cheers!
  • Suolo Capodopere
    trik remix for me. thanks
  • Vincenzo Monastra Tupiar Records
    Thanks for the music! si inca ceva is amazing
  • J.P. Sievert
    nice ep, trick rmx for me
  • Patrick Weblin Mood 24, Tzinah, Baile Musik,
    trik mix is sickkkkkkkkk !
  • Rhys Samson Trapped Ldn, Arupa music, Kina
    Great EP thanks!!

    Erik remix and IN UMBRA NUCULUI for me
  • Grotesku Inwave/Sakadat/Melotherapy
    Very nice release!!!
  • Yanee NewFact Music/ Recycle/ Savor music
    nice ep! thanks!
  • Maertz Konzentrisch Music
    Really nice music here, I will play for sure. Thanks!!!
    In Umbra Nucului & Trik rmx for me! even though all ep is good! Thx!
  • Cheise Tzinah / Sakadat / Soul.on / Mood 24 / System 108
    Good EP!
  • Radu Mirica Ensis Black
  • Primarie Tzinah
    bun remixu lu' trik
  • Deaf Pillow Audionumb Music
    In Umbra Nucului !!
  • Trik Generatia '90
    Glad to be part of this !! Thanks
  • michael sowbug Serkal / Sakadat
    nice release. will try them! thanks.
  • Jozhy K Tzinah Family, Mulen Records, Body Parts
    Nice Ep! Support
  • Angel Mosteiro Tzinah / Tupiar / Mood24
    Nice release! Trik remix my fav. Thanks!
  • Olivian Nour Melotherapy
    Trik remix for me, thanks!
  • Mollybella Sakadat / Mood 24 Records / Pulsar
    trippy. love them all
  • plusculaar Binaural Arts / Mulen / Tzinah / Plaisir
    great music, thanks
  • HE DID Saint & Don't / Tzinah / Kina Music
    thank you! like all the tracks
  • HA_KU Capodopere Records
    merci )
  • Scopter Trick Track Records
    great music. will play.
  • Motiv Dinsubsol / Got Trapped / Wavetech Music / Vandalism Musique
    Trik remix for me! Thank you
  • E.T.H (Italy) Kina Music/ Bodyparts/ Oblack Label
    Cool EP !! Thx :)
  • Jamie Lie A Kwie
    In umbra nucului and trik remix for me thanks a lot!
  • M-Phunk Tzinah Records
    nice tunes ! trik remix is good, thanks
  • Da.TO Vivus Records, Baile Musik
    Nice EP! SI INCA CEVA and TRIK for us!
  • Daniele Griffo Sakadat / Moral Fiber / Melotherapy
    Great sounds. Thanks
  • Dimitri Monev Alboratory
    cool stuff, thxthank you, will try !!
  • Nicholas Deca Coquette Records / Tzinah Records / Arupa Music
    Strong release! Thanx for the music
  • Mike Montano Detone
    Intense feelings liberated from a micro universe of groove! Congrats guys keep it up! ©  Cookies Policy

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